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ASPCI: Caring for animals beyond an animal shelter

ASPCI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1995. Before 2015, when we were managing the St. Clair County animal shelter, we were known as the Animal Shelter of Pell City, Inc. Since 2015, as our organization evolved into our current programs and we no longer manage a facility, we use ASPCI to help our audience differentiate us from the government-managed animal control facility. During this time of restructure, we never lost focus of our mission to save the lives of animals. We accomplish this through the following programs:

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) – We are committed to reducing the number of unwanted pets in our area. Our low-cost SNAP (spay/neuter assistance program) program is open to anyone who meets our eligibility requirements and uses one of 10 veterinarian clinics who are in our network.

Rescue and Transport Programs – Another way to reduce these unwanted pets is to work with other rescue organizations which can take animals from our area and make them available for adoption. We fund a transport program to accomplish this part of our mission.