When You can no longer keep your best buddy

ASPCI may be able to help you by placing your “best buddy” into a temporary foster home.

ASPCI recognizes pet owners experience circumstances in their lives that prevent them from keeping their pets.  ASPCI’s Foster, Adoption and Rescue Programs are designed to help pet owners in situations when a devoted pet owner is challenged with the difficult and emotional decision of having to give up their “best buddy” and beloved companion.

What’s required from you if you have a need to give up your “best buddy”:

  • an Electronic Admission Application submitted at ASPCI.Org
  • photo of dog to be considered for ASPCI’s Managed-Admission Program
  • proof of pet ownership
    • if pet is an adult dog, they must:
      • be healthy
      • have no behavioral issues
      • be spayed/neutered (verification required)
      • be current on vaccinations (verification required)
      • be a small breed
    • if pet is a puppy, they must be:
      • weaned
      • considered to be highly adoptable

ASPCI does not accept pit bulls and only accepts a limited number of other “at risk” breeds.  Felines (cats or kittens) are not accepted via this Managed-Admission Program (MAP).  Felines are only accepted through ASPCI’s partnership with Lakeside Hospice’s Peace of Mind initiative.

When admitting a pet to ASPCI’s MAP Program, sufficient time is required to assess the pet and set up arrangements for a foster home. The program is dependent on ASPCI having a foster home available to temporarily house the animal.

Once an on-line application and photo of the pet to be considered is received, an ASPCI MAP Coordinator will contact the pet owner. If your “best buddy” is accepted, there is a $50.00 nonrefundable admission fee.  As soon as the pet is placed with an ASPCI foster family, ASCPI’s adoption/rescue volunteers go to work to find a suitable new loving home for the pet.

Link to the Admission Application is: