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Foster Application

Please call our Administrative Office during business hours to discuss our Foster program or fill out the contact form below.  We look forward talking with you about this important program.

ASPCI Administrative Office

Phone Number: (205) 338-7877

Hours: Monday & Tuesday from 9:00am to noon

Your Full Name (required)

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Do you have any special training or experience that you wish to mention?

Are you willing/able to administer medication if necessary? (required)

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Please list other members of the household, their age, and relation to you: (required)

If you have children, have they ever been around dogs or cats? (required)

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats or dogs? (required)

Does everyone in your household agree to fostering animals? (required)

Would you agree to a home visit prior to taking any fosters in to your home? (required)

If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to foster? (required)

If you rent, please provide your landlord's name and phone number. (required)

If you have pets, are they up to date on all vaccinations and have they been spay/neutered? (required)

If you have pets, please provide their breeds and age. Please provide your vet's name and phone number. (required)

What type of animal are you interested in fostering? (required)

What level of care are you interested in fostering? (required)

Where would your foster animals stay during the day? (required)

Where would your foster animals stay during the night? (required)

Are you willing and able to bring the animals to a designated location for routine checkups and vaccinations? (required)

We cannot guarantee the health of foster animals. Do you and the members of your household understand that illness, unexpected deaths, and euthanasia may be part of the foster care experience? (required)

Depending on the situation, the fostering of an animal usually requires a 2 to 8 week commitment. The Foster Coordinator will attempt to estimate how long the animal will need to be in your care prior to you taking your foster animal home. Are you prepared to make that substantial commitment and care for the animal until such time that it is ready to come back to the shelter and be placed up for adoption? (required)

Do you understand that you, or anyone interested in adopting your foster animals, must go through the standard adoption process and pay the standard adoption fee? (required)

Do you have any questions or topics you want to discuss during your interview (required)