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Volunteer Application

Please call our Administrative Office during business hours to discuss volunteering or fill out the contact form below.  We look forward talking with you about our many volunteer opportunities.

ASPCI Administrative Office

Phone Number: (205) 338-7877

Hours: Monday & Tuesday from 9:00am to noon

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If you have a driver's license, do you carry Insurance?

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Are you volunteering to meet mandatory requirements for school, church, etc ? If so, please list the organization and the required number of hours.

Are there any activities that you would be uncomfortable or physically incapable of handling?

Do you have any special skills/ talents/experience that you feel will benefit ASPCI?

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By submitting this application, I agree with the following:

I will abide by the ASPCI Volunteer Guidelines.

I will volunteer at my own risk.

I will hereby indemnify and hold harmless ASPCI for any damage, injury, or casualty resulting from working on the premises of ASPCI or in a related work concerning ASPCI.

ASPCI shall not be liable in any manner or form for my negligent or unlawful acts.